The Faces of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022
Chris Voss

Former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator and CEO and Founder of The Black Swan Group

Ian Schnoor, CFA, CFM

President and Founder of The Marquee Group and Executive Director, Financial Modeling Institute

Paul Barnhurst

The FP&A Guy

Priya Parker

Author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters

Purna Duggirala

Chief Excel Officer,, Microsoft MVP

Robert Cialdini, PhD

Author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Allison Munro

Chief Marketing & Ecosystem Officer, Vena

Andrew Stanbridge

VP, Product, Vena

Burzin Contractor, CPA

VP, Revenue Operations & Strategy

Hugh Cumming

Chief Technology Officer, Vena

Hunter Madeley

Chief Executive Officer, Vena

Laura Victoria

VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Vena

Mark Erdmann

VP, Solutions, Vena

Muneerah Kanji

VP Finance, Vena

Rishi Grover

Chief Solutions Architect, Vena

Shaun Jansen

VP Sales, Vena

Tina Goulbourne

Chief Operating Officer, Vena

Tom Seegmiller, CPA

VP, FP&A, Vena

Tracey Mikita

Chief People Person, Vena

Megan Strant

Microsoft MVP

Parvinder Chana

Microsoft MVP

Michael Ragsdale, CPA

Director of Strategy and Analytics, Kansas City Chiefs

Rebecca Swank

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Ronan

Partner, Strategy and Business Transformation, Citrin Cooperman

William Liang

Managing Director, ProLytics Consulting Group

Alicia Sacristan

Training Specialist, Vena

Allana Cowley

Senior Regional Sales Manager, Vena

Andre Proulx

Director of Marketing Ops, Vena

Anton Medvedev

Product Manager, Vena

Evan Short, CPA, CGA

Solutions Consultant, Customer Success, Vena

Justin Chiu

Director, Solution Services, Vena

Kyli Lane

Solutions Consultant, Vena

Lauren Hodson

Senior Director, Sales, Vena

Luana Faria-Fichelli

Product Manager, Vena

Meg Bowie

Sr. Manager, Customer Success, Vena

Michal Rzepka

Principal Solutions Consultant, Vena

Michelle Sun

Senior Training Specialist, Vena

Mike Liu

Sr. Manager, Managed Services, Vena

Naman Gupta

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Vena

Nolan Southfield

Solutions Consultant, Vena

Olivia MacDonald

Senior Manager, Financial Systems & Operations, Vena

Pam DeMesa

Yoga Instructor

Parenty Lau

Manager, Customer Training, Vena

Paula Batras

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Vena

Rachel Taguicana

Senior Product Manager, Vena

Ravi Persaud, CPA

Solutions Consultant, Vena

Rebecca Lomax

Sr. Solutions Consultant, Vena

Ruslan Valeev

Director, Sales Operations, Vena

Taylor Battista, CPA

Director of Finance Systems and Operations, Vena

Thomas Krolak

Senior Manager, FP&A, Vena

Usama Shakil

Senior Solutions Consultant, Vena

Vern Redwood, CPA

Senior Consultant, Vena

Ben Reddall

Director, Solution Engineering, Fluence Technologies

Harjot Ghai

Chief Operating Officer, Delbridge Solutions

Jason Patraj

Solution Architect, Delbridge Solutions

Jenny Crawford

Customer Success Manager, Vena Solutions

Wendy Braithwaite

Chief Financial Planning & Orchestration Officer, Microsoft

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