Rishi Grover

Rishi Grover

Chief Solutions Architect, Vena

Rishi Grover is speaking at:

May 9th 2022 | | 60 Minutes

Demo: Vena Finance-Led Planning and Analysis

Take a deep dive into Vena budgeting, forecasting and reporting in the grid you know and love, Excel, with Microsoft 365 and Power BI Embedded.

May 10th 2022 | | 60 Minutes

Demo: Power BI Embedded Pre-Built Dashboard Showcase

The only limit of Vena with Power BI Embedded is your own imagination. Spark your creativity with a deep dive into a collection of pre-built dashboards presented by Rishi Grover.

May 9th 2022 | | 60 Minutes

Keynote: The Complete Planning Advantage

Join Rishi Grover to explore the transformation of finance as a strategic business partner through the power of people, process and technology.